Owner of VidMarketer.co

Ken Pointer is the owner of Viewership.co.uk , a video first Marketing agency specialising in YouTube and Google Ads, servicing experts and entrepreneur's worldwide.

The Story (So Far)

Growing an online business is a minefield. There's a lot to get right, in the right order and, as is the saying "Rome wasn't built in a day".

It often takes time, courage and always takes hard-work and persistence.  

The journey hasn't always been easy, but it sure has been worthwhile. 

The best part: Getting Results.

Once I got these results, I shared how. I pushed for more. I reviewed and adapted my process. I got even better results.

Business owners listened, they learnt, they implemented my suggestions.  

It was take off from there. 

Life After Take Off

Word gets around.

I provide a one-to-one service with key players in the YouTube industry.

I speak at events such as the EMC, Fully Booked Bootcamp & The Brand Builders Club. 

I deliver a Podcast which achieved a top 20 spot on the Global Apple Marketing Podcast.

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